Domestic Insurance is insurance for the individual in their personal capacity. In other words if you would like to insure your car or house or contents or personal belongings then you will to take out a domestic insurance policy

House Owners insurance is insurance to cover your house. This type of insurance is normally compulsory for owners that have bonds on their properties

House hold insurance covers goods kept in the home

Personal liability insurance essentially covers the insured from civil lawsuits. It is also called umbrella coverage. Thus, umbrella personal liability insurance provides coverage beyond the insured's primary policy. In essence, personal liabilit

Personal accident insurance covers your expenses from an accident

All Risk insurance means insurance for personal property

Motor Vehicle Insurance(also known as car insurance, or motor insurance) is insurance purchased for cars.

Motor Cycle Insurance is insurance purchased for motorcycles specifically and whcih is used by the insured for personal use.

Trailer /  Caravan Insurance  is insurance purchased for caravans or trailers and whcih is used by the insured for personal use.

Pleasure Craft Insurance  is insurance purchased for small boats and whcih is used by the insured for personal use.

Insurance for personal computers owned by you

Legal Costs insurance is a type of insurance which covers policyholders against the potential costs of legal action brought against the policyholder by another individual or institution